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Athlete Voice

As athletes, you train hard for days, weeks and years in order to succeed at the highest level in sport, so it is important that your views are heard and considered when decisions are made about you.

We would encourage anyone who wants to influence the future of their sport, to further develop life skills and be part of a wider network of athletes, to consider being an Athlete Representative.

If you would like any more information about Athlete Representation in your sport please contact


What is Athlete Representation

Athlete representation is a mechanism for athletes to communicate their views and opinions to benefit their sport and performance programme.

An athlete representative (AR) will listen, engage, canvas opinion and represent their peers and teammates. These views are then communicated to help enable positive change.


Why is Athlete Representation Important

Athlete representation allows opportunities for athletes to have a say in their programme and sport. It encourages staff and athletes to work cohesively, bringing change where necessary, and forward thinking for their sports programme.


Benefits to Athlete Representation


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