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Athletes can become members in one of two ways

World Class Programme Funded

Athletes that are funded through the World Class Performance programme are automatically enrolled as members of the British Athletes Commission. Membership starts the day an athlete is entered onto the World Class Performance Programme and ends 6 months after an athlete comes off the World Class Programme. If you are a World Class Programme athlete and would like to discuss your membership benefits, click to contact us.

National Governing Body Funded

National Governing Bodies of Sports whose athletes are not in receipt of world-class funding but compete at an international level, can pay for their athletes to become members of the BAC, therefore benefitting from the external, indpendent support and advice offered. We currently support elite athletes from England Netball and the LTA. Please contact us for more information.

The BAC currently has 1200 members across 40 different sports including those from Olympic and Paralympic sports, Tennis and Netball.


Professional advice, support, mediation


Legal support; including contracts and appeals


Training and development of athlete reps


Co-ordination of athlete feedback


Exclusive disounts and benefits

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